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Share-tip #

Why cannabis could easily become as lucrative as Scotch is to Scotland!

Did you know the Scotch Whisky industry makes Scotland around as much money as the entire platinum mining industry makes in South Africa.
That’s if you combine its contributions from whisky exports and tourism!
Now what if I told you Africa could soon get a very big boost to its economies on the same scale as Scotch to Scotland… Most probably even bigger!
What am I talking about?
Cannabis of course.
You see, according to the latest estimates, the cannabis market will grow from being worth only $10 billion in 2018 to around $40 billion by 2023!
And consulting company, Prohibition Partners estimates the South African domestic market for CBD products will be worth R27 billion by 2023 as well!
Now I’ve uncovered a little known JSE listed company that owns growing facilities and extraction labs for Cannabis in Lesotho.
What’s more – the company just secured supply agreements for its CBD products to both Asia and Europe to the value of around R1.7 billion in the next two years. This is massive – especially since the company only reported R40 billion in revenue back in February 2020!’
Stand by to double your money… or more in the coming months!


Now you can double your money on this grudge purchase in 2021!?

You’re probably thinking how is that even possible, so let me explain.

There’s a list of things we all need every day to survive.

Water, food and ideally a roof over our head…

Now if you live in South Africa there’s another essential expense linked to how we live.

And that’s called…


We all need security round our homes. Burglar proofing and security gates are crucial as the crime rate spirals. And that’s what makes this little JSE company such a great buy…

In the months since the hard lockdown, it has seen sales boom.

In fact, , it generated R15 million in cash resources in its first two months. That’s R90 million on an annualised basis.

To put that in context – its full market value is only R260 million right now. So, it generates more than a third of its total value in cash, in a bad year.

The truth is, I expect it could generate R100 million+ in the coming year.

That’s because this share is what I call a Double Dipper! 

Not only do I expect massive growth in its share price, it’s also set to pay out 10% in dividends.

When you add in the share price growth I’m expecting, you’ll be double dipping to the tune of 121% return on your money in a matter of 12 months.

Share-tip #3'

This could be my #1 Recovery share in 2021!

Buy it now and you could make 5 times your money in a matter of months!

You see, right now, you can pick up this R50 stock for only R9.00…?!

In 2011, when it listed it soon became the market darling and could do no wrong. By 2016 its share price had shot up to R59 from R5.50.
But while this company’s stock price ran up, I was warning investors off!
That’s because the share price reflected expected profits that would take years to realise… but no-one was paying attention to this fact.
Today the stock is on a PE of only 18.
Now, profits have quadrupled since 2016, but its share price has dropped 82%
Simply put the company is now cheap, and SUPER attractive compared to a couple of years ago. In fact, for the first time in its history it is selling below the value of its assets.

Now, as I said at the beginning of this letter, you will find in depth profiles on ALL the stocks I want to tell you about today… including this little gem in my 'Double Your Money' Stock Play Book for 2021 report

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Share-tip #4'

My #1 Property Share for 2021!

Get hold of SAs largest property portfolio – at a 65% discount and you could net as much as 198% gains 

While everyone has run for the hills when it comes to property stocks, I’m saying now is the time to get back in. 

But you have to know which ones to buy into!

This particular property business had a market value of R52 billion in 2019.

Today, it’s sitting at R18 billion having dropped a whopping 65% thanks to Covid.

Yet the company’s debt levels are down. 

Its streamlined operations and revenue levels have remained intact.

Simply put – you can get hold of a world class business right now, at a third of the price…

There’s as much as 198% upside potential on the cards in this one!

Share-tip #5'

How does a 102% gain from a stock with almost NO downside risk sound?

In fact, the richest family in South Africa has committed to buying its shares at a certain level …

No matter what!

I expect they might even step in, acquire and de-list this company.  If they do – there’s a tidy 102% gains on the cards.
This is one for the speculators but it could be a sweet double your money deal if you have the nerve to take the punt!

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